Knitting Olympics Roundup

Inspired by the clever Yarn Harlot, I set a goal of knitting my first-ever socks (Seaweed Socks, from the local-but-I’ve-never-met-her Wendy Knits) during the Vancouver games.  I was handicapped by two knit-free days (Shabbat) and, it being my first pair of socks, I just didn’t know how long it would take to knit them.

Sadly, they are not yet done, with more inches to go on each.  And if I were a better person, I would just rip them out and start over.  Mistakes abound throughout these socks.  But they are for my mom, and she will love them no matter what (I hope), so I am keeping them as is.

I learned some interesting things in this process:

  1. Knitting on the metro is a great conversation starter.
  2. I can knit standing up on the metro.
  3. I am calmer when I knit on the escalator than when I find the escalator a waste of my time (and consequently walk up it).
  4. Knitting while walking is a great way to ignore blisters.
  5. Knitting while walking isn’t terribly difficult.
  6. Knitting while walking when it is cold out is terribly difficult.
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