Big day on Sunday!

What was that about doing legitimate work?

Oh well, I’m not getting paid for it, so we’ll just be a little lazy.

I’m quite excited about my plans for Sunday, and I want to share them with the world.  First I’m having coffee with a prospective foster parent.  Who knew that the Dunkin Donuts in the Target parking lot at Potomac Yards was such a distinctive landmark that it would give away what city I live in on an otherwise completely anonymous blog?  It will be great to meet her and see if she will be a good resource to me after she is licensed, and if I can be a resource to her.

Then I’m meeting a woman from my Tuesday night knitting group that I haven’t been able to go to since I’ve had my foster daughter.  Even though I only went to that group 5 or 6 times, the women I met were so nice and I really miss seeing them.  Kelly searched me out on Ravelry and we made plans to knit together at The Yarn Spot.

And then I am going to my parents’ house to take my mom’s socks to her! They aren’t quite finished, I still have a few rows of ribbing left, along with a dropped stitch to fix, but those will be taken care of while knitting with Kelly.

Fun day!

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