My wallet won’t close because of a large stack of gift cards.  I know, I know, not really a problem worth complaining about.  And I’m not!  I decided to take a 30 second look through the rest of the things in my wallet to see what I could pare down.

The first thing to go: my AAA membership card, which just expired at the beginning of this month.  I switched over to Better World Club which offers the same benefits for less money, but more importantly, is pro-environment and pro-public transit.  AAA, on the other hand, is pro-roads. Roads, roads, and more roads.

Then the extra copy of my health insurance card.  I have no idea why they send me a new card every five months or so.

And then, oh heaven.  I found another gift card.  To a book store.  Oh, if only I didn’t have to go to my volunteer job, I know where I would be off to Right This Minute.

Stupid responsibility.

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