Oh I love 1800s Congressional language!

Unlike most of the laws that I highlight here, this has nothing weird, inconsistent, ungrammatical, or otherwise interesting going on.  But it is from 1880 and is just inscrutable in that late 19th century way of, well, being inscrutable.

§ 7-174. Certain ordinances of Board of Health legalized — Generally; exceptions 

   The ordinances of the late Board of Health of the District of Columbia, as revised, amended, and adopted, November 19, 1875, entitled “An ordinance to revise, consolidate, and amend the ordinances of the Board of Health, to declare what shall be deemed nuisances injurious to health, and to provide for the removal thereof,” as printed in the report of said late Board of Health made to the 1st session of the 44th Congress, being Executive Document No. 1, part 8, are hereby legalized; and the respective penalties therein prescribed for violations thereof may be imposed and enforced for the respective offenses therein described, excepting the sections of said ordinance following, namely: Sections 7, 9, and 14, which said sections are not hereby legalized.

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