It’s a weird day, so…

…here I am.  I am sitting at my desk in my office where I am volunteering with nothing to do.  How is this possible?  To be honest, I probably have many things I could do.  But when the boss basically tells you that you have nothing to do, you have nothing to do.

I do have my oh-so-pretty socks to work on; since it is raining today I only got to knit ON the metro, not on my way to and from as well.  (I can’t wait until I am infamous as the crazy lady who knits while walking downtown.)  So I am feeling a little bit of withdrawal.

I got to my desk at 12:45, checked in with the boss for about 15 minutes, then chilled out with email and twitter until a — job interview! — at 1:30. The boss and I have a meeting at 3:30, hence the variance from my usual 10-2 schedule, but he has done the lion’s share of the work to prepare for the meeting, is taking the lead at the meeting, and has nothing left he needs me to do in prep.  And until we’ve had the meeting, there isn’t so much moving forward that can be done.

On my other project, I have nothing to do until a meeting next Thursday morning.  So here I am, full of caffeine (have I mentioned my latte habit? my love of Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered anything?) and reading knitting blogs.

I did finish the back (or front!) of the little one’s tunic dress.  She was quite disappointed when I chose to look at my computer while she was getting dressed this morning; if only she hadn’t woken me up, I would have gotten my computer fix in before she was awake.  I’m only one row into the front (or back!) of the dress, so it’s probably a good thing that I have the weekend to make more progress before she sees it again. 

Part of why I didn’t make more progress on the dress yesterday is that I chose to — finally — knit up the tiny bit of Peruvian Highland wool that I have left over from my poncho in order to test out hand-felting.  With no hot water this morning, I chose to boil a pot of water and then carry it into my bathroom to mix with cold water in the sink.  I don’t think I did it “right” or at least not “enough,” but I’ll check it out when I get home.  I really would like to make a felted poncho, either for the little one or for myself or both.  I am quite well-stocked in the winter coat arena, but have discovered that I love love love my poncho, and if only it were longer (I think that I knitted it too tightly, having not checked my gauge) I could wear it when it is cold.  (As it is, it only goes down to my elbows, making it more like a vest in terms of coverage.  Some people love vests; I’ve never understood them.)  If I were to make a poncho for the little one, I would definitely want it to be felted.  For myself, only likely.  I’m sure that my mom would love it if I decided that I needed to use her washing machine for felting.  But an hour and fifteen minute drive, one way, doesn’t seem to make sense, and when I go to her house for other reasons, I generally have regular laundry with me.

Ugh, I need that job that I interviewed for.*  I need the money to support my latte habit, and I need the steady income to support a mortgage on a home with my own top-loading washing machine.

*Fingers crossed.  The interview was with Agency Director, Would-Be Boss, Would-Be Coworker, and Director’s Chief of Staff.  Would-Be Boss walked me out and whispered to me “Make sure to have Art (current “boss” and my strongest reference) call.”  I’m hoping hoping hoping that this means that she really wants me.

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