Deep breaths

Today was supposed to be a productive day.  I was going to, at long last, clean my bedroom.  This is a very important step, as Passover is (shhhh) very very soon, and if I clean my kitchen, all I will end up doing is eating a lot of bread and pasta. (Yum.)  And then I’ll need to buy more bread and pasta because I will undoubtedly time things poorly.  But my bedroom needs to be cleaned, because with a four year old, I don’t know where food items might have unexpectedly found themselves.

I have a cleaning problem, though.  Cleaning for me is very very expensive.  You see, after shredding some old papers and relocating some items to other rooms to be cleaned up later, I decided that what I really needed to do was move some furniture.

In order to move said furniture (my bed, to start with), I need some 8″ deep shelves.  Really, if you saw my bedroom and where I plan to put the bed, you would understand.

So of course I had to Drop. Everything. and go to IKEA.  Logical response, right?

Well, once I was at IKEA to buy the 8″ deep shelves, it was only natural to buy shelves for the living room for the little one’s toys, and shelves to go under my bed (hello,, and a carpet pad, and oh, a rod to go across the window in the kitchen.  And shoe cabinets to hold my yarn stash.

And after three and a half hours, I was starving, so since I was in the suburbs anyway, I went to dinner.  And then to buy some office supplies, and a zipper, and groceries.

Six hundred dollars later, and…  Wow do I need a job!

Most of my purchases are being delivered, so I couldn’t get started on the assembly when I got home, but I did bring the 8″ deep shelves home with me and guess what? Where I want to put them, the window frame is metal.  After 3 hours of grumbling about this (not nonstop!) I realize that I can just put them about an inch lower than I’d planned, but that makes me sad.

And with all this adventure, not only is my bedroom not clean, but I didn’t even get any good knitting time in.  Just six rows of the little one’s tunic dress.

Tomorrow is another day.  Hopefully it will be more productive.

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