Today’s achievement, and stash storage

I frogged the project I was doing on my single set of DPNs so I used the opportunity to attempt an i-cord.  Not too hard!  The first few rows are a little shabby looking, but I’ll keep going.  It will make a good drawstring for a little gift bag.

Now, how did this come up?  I am rearranging my bedroom (see: bed 18 feet off the floor) which of course necessitated a trip to IKEA to buy 2 shelves which of course resulted in my spending $500. (Or was it $600? I don’t remember.  That plus today’s $120 in cheese and $220 in Passover non-perishables is really wreaking havoc on my credit card.)

One of the things I bought was the Trones shoe cabinets.  I will say that some of the other shoe cabinets are nicer pieces of furniture, but at three times the price, I wasn’t ready to take the plunge. I have a LOT of shoes.  A LOT.  My big sister calls me “Imelda.” (Remember Imelda Marcos and her shoes?)  But I didn’t buy them for my shoes.  No.

I bought them for my yarn.  A project (or two) per drawer, it’s got a narrow footprint, and voila, better storage than my earlier strewn-across-the-floor method of storage.  Plus, they stack but open in the front so there’s no lifting of boxes to get to that yarn that you really want but it’s in the bottom bin.

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