Yarn cures all ills?

Last week Mr. Crankypants came for a visit and he seems to have taken up residency.  He got distracted at Tar-jay (ooh, chocolate! ooh, toys!  ooh, electronics) but somehow he found me at my car before I drove off.  Sneaky fellow, that Mr. Crankypants.

I needed to find new school uniforms for my foster daughter (a story all its own) and really had no idea where to find them on short notice other than a store all the way in another state.  (Yes, I live in DC.  Yes, I went to Tar-jay in Virginia. But the uniforms store is in Maryland.  Maryland, all the way around 495.  In a scuzzy mall that I only found by accident.)  So instead I chose to drive down route 1 until it hit me: fibre space!

Oh, if only yarn shops sold urban school uniforms.  Alas.

But fibre space has a great little knitting nook by the window (window seats!) and this silk that makes me want to go out and find myself a millionaire husband ($40 a hank at my unemployment salary? not happening), and some sustainable bulky wool that looked utterly feltable and gorgeous and made me almost wish it was winter again so I could knit it up into a beautiful poncho, and some baby alpaca laceweight that made me want to go adopt a baby alpaca to cuddle with.

Unfortunately I couldn’t buy any of it, as I am sticking to my yarn diet.  (I am having no success sticking to the no-soda diet, but one out of two isn’t bad. Right?)

And also unfortunately, Mr. Crankypants didn’t get all tangled up in the yarn as I hoped he would.  Maybe there will be better news on that front tomorrow.

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