A yarn diet does NOT mean…

…no new books.

I try not to buy too many knitting books.  For one thing, I just don’t have room on my shelves.  For another, there is enough to be knit from free patterns that it doesn’t seem like the best use of my money to buy more books.

But I do like the idea of people making a living from knitting.  So I want to support authors.  And I also want to support the independent yarn stores that are selling the books.

Today I went back to fibre space, this time with a friend visiting from out of town.  I peeked through a few books, with varying degrees of inspiration.

Then I found it.  The book that has made me re-think my position on patterns for scarves.  (Former position: you cast on, you choose a stitch pattern, you follow the pattern, you bind off. Done.  New position: you can do THAT with knitting needles?!)

The book is called Knitting New Scarves, by Lynne Barr.  I’ve only been knitting seriously since about October, so I don’t really know the big guys on the scene.  I haven’t done more than flip through the pages of the book, either, so this shouldn’t be taken as a review.  But Oh. My. G-d.  The patterns will blow your mind.

I am not scared of anything in knitting.  Victoria at The Yarn Spot thinks I’m ridiculous for the level of ambition in the projects I choose to do.  But I am terrified, T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D terrified of double pointed needles.

Well, this book has made me decide to conquer my fear.  Because there is just no way to knit the Linked Rib scarf without DPNs.

So into a brave new world I go.  (After I’m done with the tunic dress.  And the purty purty tank top I’m knitting for myself.)

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