No time for blogging

I think I’m still in the two readers stage of this blog (hi RH! hi RC!) so there probably aren’t hordes of people out there wondering Where Did You Go We Were Worried About You?!

Passover.  ‘Nuf said?

But then add in starting a job and suddenly my body doesn’t know what time it is, what day of the week it is, where I need to be…  On Tuesday I woke up with my alarm clock at 9 am, saw how beautiful and sunny it was, and fell back asleep until 2.  Clearly I needed the sleep, but still.  2?

So yes, I started work on Monday and promptly took two days off.  I imagine that there will soon be fun Mayor’s Orders to blog about (in particular the old ones, not so much any controversial  new ones), now that I finally have computer access at work.

Quick knitting update before I climb into my eighteen-feet-off-the-ground bed.

1. The little one’s tunic dress has become my commuting knitting.  I worked on the sleeves during the oh-my-G_d-six-hours-long orientation I had to go to for work on Monday, and am on row 36.  I’m doing both sleeves at the same time.  Today I managed one row on the way TO work and three or more on the way FROM work; I need to make sure my commutes are more like the trip home, I suppose!

2. Tank top is coming along nicely. I’m no longer thinking of frogging it, and the color is much nicer in light that isn’t being filtered through my bedroom light fixture that happens to be located just under a ceiling leak.

3. I started a scarf from the fantastically awesome scarf book.  I’m calling this one the PDC scarf, PDC standing for “pretty damn cool.”

I don’t think I’ll have much time for knitting in the next few days what with work, Shabbat, and two more days of holiday.  Definitely a bit of a bummer.

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One Response to No time for blogging

  1. socialwrkr247 says:

    Hi RK! 😀 How ironic/interesting/awesome is it that all our names start with R? Just noticed that tonight… random!

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