19th century living

Perhaps it is the knitting, perhaps it is all of the emphasis on consumer awareness, but I am trying to return–technology excepted, of course–to the more basic, less disposable, closer to the source-ness of an earlier era.

I used Passover, to a small extent though not terribly successfully, to launch myself into this new way of life.

I think I was fairly successful today in my first post-Passover, welcome to the real world attempt.  Not perfect.  But better.


I didn’t buy ANY PASTA at the grocery store.  I buy pasta when I don’t need it.  I buy pasta when I’ve gone to the store for one thing and one thing only, and that one thing isn’t pasta.  But the new me? If I want pasta, I can make it myself.  (No, I don’t have a pasta roller thingy.  No one said I have to make spaghetti.)

I didn’t buy packets of instant oatmeal.  I bought a big tub of instant oatmeal that I will make with milk and healthier sweetener, at less cost to me, better nutrition for myself and the little one, and less stuff in the dump/recycling facility.

I bought vegetables at the grocery and cooked them when I got home.  Healthy, and they won’t rot in my fridge.

I cooked said vegetables without the use of aluminum foil.  I actually consented to washing a cookie sheet.

I didn’t drink any coke today!  Day 10!

I washed all of my dirty dishes without letting them languish.  Not so much a return to the 19th century except that I imagine folks were more responsible back then than I am now.  Trying!

And I washed my dishes with a handknit dishcloth instead of a sponge.  (I used the scrubby part of a sponge for the pan I made eggs in.  But I was close.)

Where could I have done better?  Besides the unnecessarily long trip to a grocery store further away than I needed to go? I bought fish that is individually quick frozen and individually wrapped inside the bigger package. (But it is fish! And it is healthy! And it was less expensive than the previously frozen, thawed for your “convenience” packages.)  I froze water in snack size zipper bags.  Really.  Not so much on the reusability factor.  And I had the functional equivalent of a frappucino.

But I didn’t buy pasta!

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