19th century, day 2

No caffeine at all today, amazing!  No, this isn’t really an element of my return to the 19th century, but when my caffeine intake consists of lattes or frappucinos and cola, “no caffeine” takes on a much more connected-to-the-earth kind of meaning.

In fact, I didn’t even crave sweet caffeinated drinks at all, despite being on day 2 in a row of not nearly enough sleep.  Yesterday’s late bedtime? Completely my fault.

I’m having guests for dinner tomorrow night, so I’ve baked bread and roasted potatoes (not enough, sadly, so I’ll have to make more tomorrow).  There is a meringue base for a Pavlova in the oven with a cooked fruit topping waiting to go in the refrigerator.

But I have more to do.  The stove needs to be cleaned (fruit boiled over), all of my dishes still need to be washed, and the fish needs to be prepared.  Yikes!  I really DID lose it, thinking I could get all of this done tonight!

I’ve barely knit at all this week.  It’s disappointing.

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