Deep breaths. Many deep breaths.

How is it that I can be so stressed  when I have a whole day of weekend stretching before me?

So many dirty dishes.  So many.

A pile of (not quite) outgrown and winter clothes to inventory for the little one.

Some checks to write.  Like for my rental insurance, before the roof collapses.

A stray sock to return to the laundry room.

Baking.  Cookies and lemon bars and pretzels, oh my!

Buttons to sew onto clothes that have been button-less for months and years, but this is critical today because the little one’s new school dress lost a button in the wash.  And she needs as many dresses as she can get.

Menu planning, grocery shopping, and cooking for the week.  ‘Cuz working parenting? No time to cook.

Knitting.  Please? Can I have time for knitting?

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