Consistency, people

One of the great parts of my job is that I get to see all of the regulations that are being proposed.  Today I spent a good deal of time codifying rules.  What this means isn’t terribly important, but the significance is that I don’t get to make any changes.  So it is all the more frustrating when a single document includes:

“ten calendar days” (calendar days, in my opinion, should be in multiples of 7)

“seven working days” (who uses “working days”? it should be “business days,” and a multiple of 5)

“ten working days” (great, albeit with my complaint about the phrase… but why are we combining calendar and business days in the same section?)

Let’s have a little consistency, here, folks!

(This same project did use the phrase “when it is in it’s best interest,” so maybe consistency should come after basic spelling.)

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