I’m no Martha

Stewart, that is.  Though I aspired to be her, pre-conviction.

I’m working on the domesticity thing; last week I really overdid it with the transition to being a working single parent and literally made myself sick.  I felt better by Saturday night and really pushed through with a LOT of errands and chores Saturday night and Sunday.

But my little family of two makes SO MANY DISHES that I just can’t keep up, and my illness had morphed into congestion, so last night I went to bed without doing any dishes.

Thank goodness Friday is a day off.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to catch up then.

In the meantime, I’ve had some culinary successes.  My foster daughter, unbelievably, ate the eggplant lasagna I served for dinner last night, and tonight–though I didn’t succeed in making the homemade fish sticks that I planned–she liked the homemade bread that her cheese sandwich was on.

Tonight I made baked tofu for lunch and mac and cheese for tomorrow’s dinner.  Without storebought pasta.  Um, yeah.  My knitting crew on Sunday helped with the week’s menu and I got very excited about their mac and cheese recommendation.  Then I got to the grocery store and remembered that I’m not buying pasta.  So I made a batch of my spinach “gnocchi” and mixed it into some cheese sauce and baked it.  I’m sure it will be edible.  Whether it will be appealing to a four year old remains to be seen.

And on top of everything else, I sewed a button on the little one’s school dress.  I hope she doesn’t notice that I used black thread instead of navy.

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