I went to Michael’s today for head pins.  I wanted to make some pretty stitch markers (I already had the jump rings).  As long as I was making the trip, I was going to also get marble-y things for my fish’s tank, some pliers and wire cutters, and a bead organizing box for my buttons.

How was I to know that Sugar n’ Cream was going to be on sale for $1 a ball?  I *do* have friends who are pregnant.  And dishtowels to make.  You know how it is.

So the yarn diet went out the door.  And despite having 18 projects on the needles already, I’ve cast on for a Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting.  Actually I cast on three times, because I was 4 inches short in my tail on try 1, and after try 2 I realized that the pattern calls for 2 balls, and I only had one ball of the color I’d started with.  I think it would be more heartbreakingly cute if I had chosen to do it in stockinette instead of garter (it’s a variegated yarn), but oh well.

When I left, I thought to myself, “why don’t I see what happens if I take this other road towards home?  Maybe I’ll pass a Dairy Queen.”  Seriously.  It’s not like we have Dairy Queens all over the place here.  Why this thought crossed my mind is beyond me.  Nevertheless, after an impromptu stop at Toys R Us for an umbrella and bike helmet (and impulse purchase of over-shoe roller skates) for my four year old, there was…a Dairy Queen!!

So it was a bit of an expensive day.  But good.

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