Farmers’ Market Win

I woke up this morning in utter agony. Headache and jaw ache. As in, when I moved my head, my jaw hurt. When I opened my mouth, my jaw hurt. It was truly miserable.  I took some OTC medicine, got the little one up, dressed, and to school, and then called in sick.  Maybe I shouldn’t confess in such a public place that I made the actual call from the line at the DMV inspection center, but that whole expedition took about 20 minutes and then I went home and crawled into bed.  After a three hour nap, I felt much better.

I took things slowly after I woke up, but I did succeed in making kale chips.  Let me be clear about one thing: I hate greens. Like, with a passion.  I’ll eat spinach, generally only if it has been cooked with lots of hot sauce or has been ground up and made into my yummy spinach gnocchi.  But that’s about it.  Me, voluntarily buying kale? For myself? Unheard of.

But I washed it off, tore it up, tossed it with some olive oil and salt, and baked it up.  Yum.  Thanks, Dupont Circle farmers’ market!

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