Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

A few “oops” from my very full day at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on Sunday:

1. I didn’t watch the sheep dogs working.  I really wanted to see that, but got occupied, well, shopping.

2. I bought gorgeous, but light fingering weight, yarn to make a summer top. Light fingering. What was I thinking?  If you have any pattern recommendations–tank or tee with an interesting neck line but nothing that has fancy stitchwork (the yarn is variegated, so I don’t think there would be good stitch definition for cables or lace or the like)–please send them my way!

3. I bought pretty stuff but can’t show it to you because I lost my camera cord.  Actually the lost camera cord isn’t an oops from Sunday, but it’s an oops, and it relates to Sunday, so there you go.

4. I completely forgot that I was supposed to leave Sheep and Wool in time to go to Michaels to buy a canvas tote bag for a Mother’s Day project for my foster daughter to give to her mommy on Thursday when she sees her.  I ended up driving past Michaels at literally 6:01 when they closed at 6. Argh!

No more blogging for me right now; I have things to do with my purchases from Sunday!

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