Consistency is Overrated

One of the things that I love about my job is that a lot of it is pretty mindless without being so easy a monkey could do it.  Today (and yesterday, and for a few other previous days, and please G-d not too many days after today) I am working on re-creating a chapter of the municipal regulations that accidentally didn’t get re-codified.  It involves starting from the last codification (1990), re-typing it, and then finding all of the subsequent amendments, and typing them into the same document.  It’s slow, yes, but I’m enjoying color-coding this mess of “amend the following sections,” “amend to incorporate,” “replace the following sections,” etc.

What inspired the drop-everything-and-blog of this post is an amendment that says “…is amended by adding the following.” First, “the following” was already included in the regulations.  Clearly someone wasn’t looking at the most recent document when they wrote that rulemaking.  Second, inspiring the title of this post:

  • Fees in 1994 (the section being amended) = $60
  • Fees in 1999 (the amendment) = $150
  • Fees in 2002 (a subsequent amendment) = $85

Love it.

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