Well, that worked well

I went this afternoon to The Yarn Spot, my favorite Sunday afternoon haunt, and was excited that my friend Jen was there.  Yay Jen! Jen is working on a sweater with a pattern written on a paper towel (just one of those cute details), and frustratingly for her, she has had to rip it out twice already.

So Jen was casting on for the third time, and I was seaming the little one’s tunic dress, when Jen said “you know, I feel the same way about casting on that you feel about seaming.”

I practically ripped her knitting out of her hands and threw the dress at her.  It was a good trade, even if I ended up casting on something like 450 stitches when all was said and done–her tail was just not quite long enough, so I had to pull the whole thing out and re-do it, and the sweater required a cast-on of 310 stitches.

The dress is not done–it still needs a few inches of seaming on one side and then the sleeves need to be added.  But it is a lot closer than it would be if I had been left to my own devices.

Thanks, Jen!

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