Ah, work

This is a post about those niggling little details that I wouldn’t think about if I were working out a policy, but I feel free to criticize when someone else fails to think about them.

I got an email from my employer today explaining that in an effort to conserve energy (and save money), the AC will be shut off in my building and others on weekends.  This is fine.  The email then goes on to say that “The [specific location] will remain operational and serve as a remote site from which individuals can work if the HVAC system at their office is shut down.  The facility has wireless access for employees to utilize [employer] systems through their VPN.”

Great. But people with VPN* can just work from the comfort of their home.

*For non-tech people, I don’t know what VPN stands for, but it is what allows you to access your work computer from home, including intranet and documents on your work server.

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