Sitting in front of me is the remains of a very large iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  We’re not going to talk about the too-late bedtime (my fault) or the being-awakened-by-the-four-year-old-only-to-be-yelled-at-to-go-away (why’d you wake me up, my love?) that inspired the coffee.  Just the email that the coffee inspired.

A very small part of my job is basically checking to make sure that another office isn’t doing anything illegal.  (Which, I should be clear, would only be accidental.  I’m just a set of very detail-oriented, lawyerly eyes.  That’s all.)  So sometimes I have to send an email to a colleague in that office asking him to verify some little piece of information so that I feel comfortable signing off on what they’re doing.  And I always always worry that me email is going to come off as “ha ha I’m catching you doing something wrong” even though I really and truly mean it as “please just give me this one small piece of information that you have and I don’t so that I can sign off on it.”

Today, that very large dunkin donuts coffee inspired the following email to this colleague:

Thanks for the clarification. And by the way, mad props to you for switching the terminology to “designate.”  If I were still in the office next to yours, I’d come give you a high five.  Because I am just that dorky, especially when I’m overcaffeinated.  Like I am now.

I think he trusts me now, if he didn’t before.

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