I love mindless administrative work more than anyone I know. (When you go to an ivy-covered institution for law school, you tend to know lots of people who really like using their brains. Whether for good or evil is an open question.)

But even I am bored with my current work project.  Self-assigned, so you’d think I could weasel my way out of it.  Delegate it to our administrative lifesaver? Set it aside?

Alas, I 1. feel too guilty to delegate the project. (I need a LOT of things scanned. From books. So I am giving him a break since he just finished scanning years of documents that he could feed through the feeder of the scanner, and books are worse.) And 2. The substantive piece of this project, which is correspondingly huge will be a lot easier if I’ve done this boring part first.

But seriously, with only a few breaks for my weekly substantive project, all I’ve been doing is transcribing from tables of contents.  Hello, boredom. At least I can listen to music while I do it.

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