The things I think about

Remember how I told you that I love the fact that my job is boring? That should give you a hint that my mind works in ways that are, well, not necessarily normal.

And remember I told you about my ten-clicks-a-document project? (Yeah yeah, me? Totally lazy. You want to find the post? Find it yourself. Unless I didn’t actually tell you about the project.)

One of my co-workers was roped into helping was delegated the task of doing the first step so all I have to do is the two-click confirmation.  Yay!

What does this have to do with anything? So, more details about the project.  We are making Mayor’s Orders available in our online system (instead of just on the office website).  One of the fields that needs to be filled in for each document is the date of issuance.  When the documents were imported into the system, they defaulted to the first of whichever month they were issued (based on how they were organized on our website). Rather than manually correct every document’s date, we are leaving them mostly as they defaulted, and while I do the confirmation, I check the ones that look like they are sensitive and fix the dates.

So here’s the question that is rolling around my brain: The Mayor entered office on January 2, 2007.  The first month of his orders defaulted in the system to January 1, 2007.  Anyone who is knowledgeable enough to be looking at Mayor’s Orders is most likely smart enough to realize that 92% of Mayor’s Orders are NOT issued on the first of any given month and should realize therefore that the date in the system is not the date on the order.  But should I at least change all of them to January 2 anyway?

Crazy, I am.

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