Actual Knitting Content!

Don’t get your hopes up for anything too terribly exciting.  Just a little more exciting than my recent “my job is so boring (although I love it) that ____” posts.

Did I tell you that my little one doesn’t like her dress?  Sigh.  She said that when her dolls get bigger, they will wear it.  Too cute.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t get her to keep the dress on long enough to get a picture of her in it.

My scarlet woman tank is finished, but not photographed.  I was very happy to discover that I couldn’t find the row of twisted stitches even when I was looking for it.

I plowed through much of a baby kimono this weekend.  I just have four inches and sixteen rows to go.  Tomorrow night is my first Tuesday night without the little one (and without snow) since the end of November, so I’m hoping to make it to a knitting group that I used to go to.  I’m going to take the kimono, so tonight I had to make sure not to finish it.  Instead…

I started a gift bag.  Magic Loop on too short a cable, not such a great plan, but not horrible.  I started with Judy’s Magic Cast On, 39 stitches on each needle simply because that was about the right number of stitches for my tail.  I didn’t actually count while casting on.  A few rows of stockinette (about 6), and then three rows of seed stitch.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do next.  I just wish I were a faster knitter.  I feel like I should have been able to get more done.

In the meantime I have my commuting knitting which I need to leave for commuting only until I make it to The Yarn Spot to wind more yarn.  But I’m nervous that after I spend gazillions of hours on my commuting knitting–a pullover of a light fingering weight yarn–it won’t hold up.  I was just reading on ravelry that silk will stretch, and my yarn is 70% silk (30% seacell).  Am I wasting my time?

Sigh. Pictures.  You want pictures.  Welcome to my world.

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