Um, oops?

The power went out at my apartment on Tuesday. It is definitely the first time that has happened at my current apartment, and quite possibly the first time since I have lived in DC.  Living, as I do, in the historic part of DC, our power lines are underground so while there is always a risk of a transformer blowing, there isn’t the all-too-frequent-in-a-storm possibility of power going out due to a downed wire.

Anyway, I say this because I am so lazy that I still haven’t reset the time on my microwave.  So when I walk into the kitchen, it is 0:00.  And if it is 0:00, then I must not be running late for work.

Which means I get to blog, and to knit!

Alas, it is almost 8:40 and to get to work on time, I need to leave at 8:30. Or before.  And an email to the boss saying I’m running late only does so much good.

So sad, as the now-a-priority-because-who-knew-there-was-a-walk-in-refrigerator-in-exactly-the-same-spot-as-my-office fingerless mitts are sitting beside me beckoning to be knit.

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