My commute

Original plan for getting to work today: take the bus. It is the lazy way to get to work, but prevents me from going to Dunkin Donuts for a highly sugared coffee.

Then: failure of willpower. Decide to take the train and get a coffee.

Then: rain. I go inside to get my umbrella, come back downstairs and decide to take the bus. (Who wants to walk 10 minutes in the rain, be packed in a crowded subway with lots of dripping umbrellas, …?)

Then: bus drives past the stop without stopping. Okay, it looked a bit crowded, but I live two stops from the subway station. 85% of the people on the bus were going to get off at the subway. We couldn’t have squeezed on for those two stops? Keep in mind that while three buses go past my apartment building, two of them have their end at that subway station two stops away. Only the one route keeps going past my office.

So I ended up walking to the subway and getting an iced coffee.

Lesson learned from this adventure? Knitting and rain are incompatible.

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