Yes folks, I’m jumping into the world of lace.  Now, I’m not one of those people who seem to have an intense fear of lace.  I’ve knit things with fun patterns involving yos and k2togs and ssks and the like.  Socks, for one thing.  Others that I’m blanking on.

But a few things have kept me from knitting LACE.  1. I don’t wear shawls.  And I don’t knit for other people. (Well, sometimes I do.) 2. I don’t have blocking tools.  and 3. I have too many other things I want to knit.

Let me first say with respect to issue 1, that yes, of course I could make a lace scarf.  I do wear scarves.  And that is what I’ve chosen to do.  (This one, from Knitty, in a beautiful yellow-green-purple mohair/silk blend from Tintagel Farm.)

Because of issue 3, I’ve resolved (pending shipping) issue 2, and because of issue 3, I find myself in desperate need of escaping the knit stitch.  I’m working on two things, both in the round, both in stockinette. (Well, one of them has the occasional round of all k2fb or k2tog but this really just means even more knit stitch.)  Boredom, though I’ll enjoy the finished products.

Anyway, I was looking through books looking for some inspiration for a project to use 930 yards of laceweight alpaca when I found two books with lots of (ahem, stockinette) projects that I love, so I came home and ordered them from KnitPicks with their handy-dandy 40% off sale, and lo and behold, well, I “needed” to spend about $20 more for free shipping, and I’m on a yarn diet, so gosh, blocking wires seemed to make sense as a purchase.  So now I have patterns for the next things I want to make, and blocking wires for the scarf I’ve already started, and successfully placed a KnitPicks order without breaking my yarn diet. (Not that this is necessarily something to be proud of!)

Lace, here I come.

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