Knitterly advice, please

Among my next projects, I want to make a cardigan from simpleSTYLE. The pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn.  My plan is for the sweater to go with a skirt I’ve already knit.  That yarn is a DK weight, superwash merino, from Filatura de Crosa (Zara Chine).  I looked through Ravelry’s listing of yarns from FdC thinking that if I could find a worsted weight version of the Zara Chine, that would be my greatest chance of the yarns having a similar feel and look (note that the skirt is a multi-color yarn and I want to make the sweater black, so I’m not actually looking for an exact match).

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a 100% superwash merino worsted.  There is, however, an aran weight.  So the questions are this: 1. do you think (in general, without seeing the pattern, etc) that an aran weight would be an acceptable substitute, or since it’s a loose knit could I go back down to the DK? 2. do you think I’m on the right track trying to match the wool or should I take pity on my wallet and find another brand’s superwash that I like that costs less?

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