Sort of Secret Knitting

I’m not sure how much of other knit-bloggers’ secret knitting (not that I’m presuming to be part of the community of Knit Bloggers) is for presents and how much is because patterns are being submitted places for (hopeful) publication but this one is a gift.  It’s only “sort of” secret because I’ve mentioned it in the presence of the recipient, but haven’t said anything about it, including identifying the recipient.

Anyway, I want to talk about it! I’m making great progress.  I started on Sunday evening and have done an 18 row border and at this point almost 2 repeats of a 24 row stitch pattern.  I did some math the other day and think that I need to do 5 repeats of the pattern and then add the border on the other side.  It’s too big now to walk with, so that’s an hour less each day to work on it.  So the plan for Sunday is to go to my favorite LYS, The Yarn Spot, early (there’s a show and tell at 11!) and then stay all day plugging away.  Important because it turns out that this is one of those rare cases where it Must Be Done by a certain time…no gifting of an unfinished project as evidence of work, to finish later.

In other news, since everything I’m knitting now is either too big to walk with (the secret project above, the silk top with teeny tiny yarn, the dress that is the reminder that wool really is more pleasant to knit with than pretty much anything else) or is lace that I need to read the pattern a stitch at a time, I’ve pulled out the socks that I am in the middle of.  I just have this to say: I’m ready for sock weather.

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2 Responses to Sort of Secret Knitting

  1. Cookie says:

    Honey, you knit and you have a blog. You’re one of us whether you like it or not.

    I think secret knitting is either do to gift knitting, designing or test knitting. There isn’t a lot one can share while test knitting. While designing, one must be very careful, and who wants to have a gift knit outted before it’s time?

  2. rebkatz says:

    Thanks for allowing me in the club, Cookie!

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