This is your compliment?

I walked directly into my boss’s office this morning before I went to my desk because I was late and thought I should let her know I was there. (Finally. And by the way, I could easily have gotten to work on time this morning, if I had been willing to take a crowded Metro train. I consciously decided to stay at home for an extra 24 minutes and take the bus.)  I was still holding my knitting, as I see no reason to stop knitting until I am At.My.Desk.

This morning my commuting knitting was a pair of socks, as my sort-of secret knitting is long past commutability.

I am wearing a tank top that I knit for myself, and I gave my boss a hand-knit baby gift.

But what were the first words out of her mouth this morning? “I like this better than anything else you’ve knit.”

This is a real compliment, right, not a back-handed “I didn’t like anything else you’ve made but these are okay”?

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