Sort of Secret Knitting Update

I should have done six pattern repeats (a 24 row pattern) instead of five.

But I’ve bound off and am now weaving in ends.  I was using one of those big-box store brands of acrylic yarn, not the ones that come in skeins large enough to yarn bomb the Washington Monument, but large enough that all told, I used only about a skein and a half, but even so I have about 28 ends to weave in. (20. I counted.)  This is because I switched colors just a few times.

I hate weaving in ends.

Tomorrow I need to decide if I am going to crochet along the non-cast-on/bind-off edges to clean them up, or if I need to really quick learn how to pick up stitches. The former is quicker, the latter will look nicer.

Have I mentioned how much I hate weaving in ends?

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2 Responses to Sort of Secret Knitting Update

  1. dmtorbi says:

    I’ve been desingning & making sweaters, scarves… for 30 some yrs. Went to FIT in NYC for fashion design. RE: weaving in ends – most people hate it, but I find ways to deal with it — I save it to do at group events, when watching tv or on the ephone, AND I usually do all the ends a section at a time, way before finishing the whole thing! Makes it more manageable.

  2. rebkatz says:

    Yes, I KNOW that I should have woven in the ends as I was going… sigh, I just don’t do what’s good for me sometimes. (Okay, most of the time! Or maybe I shouldn’t be admitting this to a therapist? 😉 )

    Thanks for reading my ramblings!

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