Need. More. Time.

…to knit, that is.

While I was oh-so-relaxed yesterday, my silly Icankniteverythingreallyfastnoreally mind was going full swing on holiday knitting ideas.   Oy.

To recap, on the needles right now I have:

  1. my what was I thinking short sleeved top out of a purty silk/sea cell blend. I finally finished sixteen and a half inches of stockinette at about 11 rows per inch.  I’m just at the beginning of the sleeve shaping.
  2. A dress.  For me.  As in, grown up sized. Not kid sized.  I’m at the end of the 4th ball of yarn but am only about 45 rows in.  It’s going to be a long haul, I think.
  3. A lace scarf.
  4. A pair of socks.
  5. The pretty darn cool scarf that I mentioned a long long time ago but set aside when I realized that I’d made a mistake and was just going to have to frog the thing.  I haven’t frogged it, but the plan is to restart it after I do.

Then there are BABIES BABIES EVERYWHERE! who all need nummy handknits.  A blanket is definitely in order for my yarn shop owning friend, and then we’ll see for the rest.  It might be a matter of giving 6 month old presents instead of newborn presents.

And then, well, I’m just a selfish knitter! (Well, I’m kinda just selfish in general…)  I went to the store to buy a crochet hook, just a crochet hook, and I walked out with the yarn to make a cardigan for my orange button.  So I NEED to knit that.

Plus, my family exchanges gifts on Thanksgiving.  So I have a month less than you might expect for holiday knitting.  It therefore is just not reasonable to decide that I want to make a cardigan for my grandmother (other option is a book wrap–a scarf with pockets at the ends–which would be 1. quicker and 2. easier and would either be ideal for her if she ends up using a walker (I think a likely occurrence) or will throw her balance off and therefore would be a very bad idea) and a rectangular shawl for my mom and socks for my sister and her partner and my aunt, and well, my dad doesn’t need a present, right?

If only I didn’t need to be responsible…

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