Thanks to some fine strangers on Ravelry, I had a lovely, relaxing weekend in Colonial Beach, VA.  Thanks in particular to the one stranger who googled bed and breakfasts and found the one I ended up going to.

I was quite the stereotype this morning.  Perhaps the stereotypical grandmother, but a stereotype nonetheless.  I just sat in a rocking chair on the porch of an old house, knitting as I watched the waved lap against the shore of the river.

Then I had ice cream for lunch.

All told, I finished the sort of secret project (two weeks, start to finish) and made great progress on my what was I thinking top.  Great progress is defined as “hooray, I finally knit 16 and a half inches with this teeny tiny yarn and I get to work on the sleeves!”  Though I think I did something wrong because I split the stitches in half, one half on waste yarn and the other half staying on the needle, and the next row was supposed to be the right side, but it wasn’t.  No problem, I just purled instead of knit, but I wonder if I didn’t split the stitches properly.

No pics of the knitting, but my knitting bags got some good relaxation in too:

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