Why this week is good:

1. My foster daughter’s birthday was yesterday! She turned five.  She’s been saying that she’s five since the end of May.

2. My nephew’s birthday is today! He is seven, starting second grade. Woah.  Crazy, isn’t it?

3. My sister’s birthday is today! She’d probably rather me not share how old she is.  Let’s just say that she’s older than I am, and next year is a big milestone birthday.  Weird.

4. My half-birthday is today! Okay, that one’s not really all that cool.

5. Tomorrow I am taking a sewing class. I know how to sew already, but I want to do it more and hope that a class will inspire me and give me confidence.

6. Thursday is the opening day for the yarn store that’s basically right around the corner from my house.  Okay, so it’s closer to a half mile, but since my other yarn stores require half hour drives, a 10 minute walk can count as around the corner.  Only problem? All the yarn stores are open late on Thursdays. Can’t they coordinate to meet my late night knitting needs every day of the week?

7. [Redacted because I foolishly sent an email to someone who I think reads this blog and putting here what I want to put will give too many clues.]

8. I think I’m going to get a happy skein of yarn this week!  More on that one when it arrives.

9. I’m making good progress on my second pair of socks, which is notable only because it allows me to plug the wonderful Wendy Johnson of Toe-Up Socks for Everybody fame and more importantly in this case, wendyknits.net. I emailed Wendy this morning with a question about a pattern, and she got back to me less than an hour later.  Thanks, Wendy!

10. Onion dip.

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