Some of you have seen these already, but for those who haven’t…

Last night while I was playing with the camera on my phone, I came across some pictures that I took a while ago at work. Yes, I took pictures of pages in books.  I do bizarre things sometimes. (See: taking pictures just shy of midnight when the alarm is set for 5:40.)

The point of these pictures is this: don’t give your kids weird names, or someone like me is liable to come and mock you for it.  To wit:



Chriscilla? You couldn't decide between Christine and Priscilla?

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One Response to Names

  1. sophanne says:

    hey rebknitz- thanks for leaving a comment on my blog- glad to have you as a reader and a foster mom on the planet. We have many foster children in our community and many kids who have lost parents, I always try to pay attention to that.

    re- the names in this post. I had a 5 year old that I was required to call “Pony” last year (his middle name) Another kid insisted (and was correct) that his name was Mojo.

    Kindergarten starts again on Friday- I always look forward to it!

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