Photos. For real this time.

Everyone should take photos with their phone just shy of midnight when the alarm is set for 5:40 am.

What, you don’t agree?

Here is my “what was I thinking?” sweater, still in progress.  I spread it out to take the picture, intending to ask you all 1. if you could tell what I was concerned about, and 2. if you thought it was a big enough issue to frog back.  After I spread it out, I decided myself that my concern wasn’t too serious.  So the picture doesn’t even include that part:

While I was at it, I took a picture of the great present my friend Thorn sent me. Sorry for the red bag on the red blanket; I wasn’t going to get out of bed in the interest of better photography.  The bag is from Jennie Gee:

Finally, the email I sent with the picture of the baby blanket finally showed up in my inbox:

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