All is well

I had a silly medical test this morning (I suppose if something HAD been wrong I wouldn’t think it was so silly) in follow up to an adventure I had a week and a half ago.  My usual approach to my health is “if it kills me, I’ll know it was serious.”  This time I decided not to wait until my entire body turned itself inside out.

Anyway, I’m sitting in the waiting room knitting when my name is called.  I start to put my knitting away (let’s say it took about 2 seconds for me to respond) when the tech called my name again.  Hello, can I have time to stand up? Not everyone goes to the doctor excited to watch Let’s Make a Deal.  (And how is it that both times I’ve been to the doctor in the last two weeks, Let’s Make a Deal was on?)  I understand that some people might miss their name so a second call isn’t unwarranted.  But really.  Am I the only person who goes to the doctor with something to do that I need to put away when I get called?

I slid my knitting down the needles in the middle of the row, put it in the bag, and went back to where I was directed to get half-naked (only half! woohoo!) and then wait and wait and wait.  I pulled out my knitting, and… uh oh. It turns out that stopping in the middle of a row of only nine stitches isn’t such a good plan.  Out came the needles from my bag. Without the knitting.

Thankfully, all is well with my insides, and all is well with my knitting.

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One Response to All is well

  1. sophanne says:

    Then there’s the dr. appt where I was knitting and the dr. said “I could NEVER do that.” Really? And your my doctor? Because it isn’t all that complicated.

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