Purple and Brown Fabric?

There’s this great (in my opinion) color trend that’s been going on for a while now–brown and pink, brown and blue, brown and light green, brown and purple… or not.

My trusty chain fabric store has beautiful brown and pink fabrics.  And beautiful brown and blue fabrics.  And purple fabrics.  Note: not beautiful purple fabrics. (Maybe they are. I haven’t paid TOO much attention to them. Yet.)  And note: not brown and purple fabrics.

Dear fabric store buyer: I want brown and purple quilting fabric.

Since I’m not likely to get a response to that brief letter, a question for you, my lovely imaginary friends: do you know of any good online fabric retailers where I am likely to find this purple and brown fabric that I am looking for? I’ve checked a few sites but don’t know enough about fabric shopping to do a good search.  And I’d rather not get sucked into the black hole of internet shopping that got me trapped when I was looking for dinnerware with blue in it.  (And oh, can I get sucked into internet black holes.)


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