Make it stop!

Here is a list of 1. all of my WIPs, 2. all of my solid plans projects,and  3. all of my blog-skimming, wow-that’s-cool want-to-do projects.


a. Biggest work-in-progress? Work. You know, the job that pays me.  Where I am supposed to be WORKING. Not skimming blogs and being inspired.

b. Parenting my little one.  It takes time, ya know?  Boy is she a cutie pie.  I don’t think I ever posted photos of her room makeover.  I’ll have to do that.

c. A hat and scarf combo (knit, of course).  I just started last night in a crazed fit of “oh, it’s ribbing, it will fit her even if I don’t measure her head and don’t do a gauge swatch.”  We all know how well that tends to work.  I’m about 6 rows into what will be a 12 row ribbed edge (a mini cable rib) and then after an increase row, will knit in stockinette for a while; the yarn she picked out (a pink-brown combo that goes great with her bedroom!) is self-patterning so I don’t want to do anything too crazy.  I’m hoping, when all is said and done, to add a button or two near the temple.  (Update: I started this post yesterday. Since then, I knit 6 more rows, tried it on the little one’s head, ripped it out because it was too small, cast on with more stitches and knit 2 rows, and ripped it out because I twisted the stitches when I joined the round.)

d. A mini messenger bag, using this tutorial.  It *barely* counts as a WIP; I’ve cut out four of the pieces. It has something like 29 pieces altogether.  And I don’t even have all of the hardware.  But I want it to be done yesterday so that I can start using it. Who cares that I’m making it out of corduroy and it’s still technically summer?

e. An easy-peasy reversible tote (tutorial here) that will be a Christmas present for the little one.  I’ve got a denim for the outer fabric and a really cute lining, but of course I didn’t think to buy thread. I have to check tonight; I might have an off white that will work.  I’m going to embellish the denim with highlights of the lining fabric and possibly some of the fabrics from her room re-do. (Update: it’s done and supercute! I want to keep it for myself. Pics taken on my cell phone, sorry for the quality:

Reversed with the inside out

One side of the bag

The other side of the bag)

f. That what-was-I-thinking sweater made of light fingering yarn. I’ve decided to set this one aside until the end of the cold weather.  There’s just no way it’s getting done in time to wear it during summer weather and too many other things to do that will get use sooner.

g. A knit dress for the winter.  I’m using a squooshy brown superwash merino for it. It is knit in the round from the bottom up. I’m about four inches in.  Estimating generously.

h. There’s a baby sweater that just needs a button.

i. There are two bibs that are also thisclose to being done.

j. And the lace scarf I started when I was desperate for something other than stockinette.

k. Socks. If I ever have time to go to a yarn store to get help repairing the damage from when I dropped a stitch a few weeks ago. I’m knitting from the toe up and am past the heel, so they should just take some concentrated time to Sit And Knit.

2. Solid plans projects

a. A hat to match (in shape only) the little one’s (see 1.c. above) out of the Plucky Knitter yarn that I won.

b. Insulated (maybe) lunch bags for Purim gifts.  Purim is many months away, but I’ve been planning this for awhile.  The plan was originally to knit them, but, well, sewing is quicker.  I have everything I need to make a prototype and see how it works to have a layer of insulated batting AND a layer of clear vinyl along with the outer and lining fabrics, and a zipper (which I’ve never sewn with before).

c. A tree with my handprint as the trunk.  I did one for the little one, and I suppose I could move this up to the WIP category since my mom traced my hand and cut out the fabric for me, but I think it’s closer to the solid-plans category anyway.

d. A black cardigan from Simple Style (an Interweave book).  I have the perfect button for it–okay, so I decided what to make based on the button.  I’m hopeful that once I get started on it, it will be a quick knit.  If I recall correctly, it is knit at a fairly loose gauge.

e. Brown socks. Does it count as “solid plan” if I have the yarn and know I’m going to use it for socks, but haven’t decided on a pattern?

f. Bright color socks. Does it count as “solid plan” if I have the yarn and know I’m going to use it for socks, but haven’t decided on a pattern?

3. Holy cow this is cool projects:

a. Five-minute skirt. This might very well be the answer to my clothing problems.  (Maybe I’m overstating things a bit? Just a little?)

b. Quilts.  Now, I need to say this: I’m not a frilly, farmhouse kind of girl.  Give me stripes and circles over flowers any day.  Pinwheel quilts and their ilk? Not so into them.  And really, what are quilts but farmhouse style anyway, right? WRONG. Browsing sewing blogs has made me want to quilt. Now. Like this zig-zag quilt (but using this tutorial because I’m not ready to tackle triangles). And this modern looking one.  And this scrappy quilt for a baby present.

c. Notecards. Like this. For next Rosh Hashanah. For Chanukah presents for my family (maybe). For a bar mitzvah present (for a bar mitzvah that is only five weeks away!).

d. Personalized pencils.

e. Wine bags.

f. Note pads made with kids’ drawings.

g. Almost everything in Simple Style.  And well, about half of the projects in The Best of Interweave Knits.

h. Almost everything in the pretty-darn-cool scarf book (whose title I don’t recall).

i. Stitch markers. And earrings. Lots and lots of both of them.

So please, all of you: stop posting cool-looking projects on your blogs! I just don’t have enough time to be so inspired!

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4 Responses to Make it stop!

  1. Tiruba Tuba says:

    That skirt would take me HOURS. But I want it. Actually, I want about 5 of them. Ahhh, that can be on the list “when the baby moves out I will…” I love fabric arts. LOVE them. And I am with you on the anti-traditional quilting. Check out Quilting Arts magazine. Fricken fabulous fun stuff.

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