Let’s try adding

A work-related post! You probably thought that I was just pretending to do work here at my job.  You might not have been completely off base. (Kidding, kidding!)

My current project involves a very involved, not terribly taxing set-up task.  Basically, I am taking documents, about 150-250 per year, and creating a spreadsheet that includes: 1. the title of the document (thank goodness for copy and paste), 2. which city agencies the document relates to, and 3. its legal status–that is, whether it is currently in effect, expired, rescinded, amended, etc.  To do this, I have to look at each document.  And I just came across a puzzler.  (Maybe only because I went to bed at 1:45 and my alarm was set for 5:30?)

We have a Mayor’s Order dated September 2008 reestablishing a certain commission.  Commission establishment orders include a description of the terms of the members.  This one has 21 members to serve three year terms, though the first set of appointments are to have staggered terms (1/3 of members appointed for 1 year, 1/3 appointed for 2 years, 1/3 of members appointed for 3 years).  The Order talks about anniversary dates for subsequent appointments.  And it limits members to two consecutive terms.

And it sunsets next week.

Two years from its establishment.

Still scratching my head on this one.

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