That hysterical laughing…

…that you hear? That’s me, Saturday night, when I realize my stupidity.

You see, that quilt that I am making is for friends who live in Israel. The friend who is going to Israel, motivating me to make the quilt for Noam, is leaving on Sunday. Tomorrow night through Saturday night is Jewish holiday/Shabbat = no sewing.  And I’m too tired to even think about the binding at the moment.

So as soon as I finish typing this, I’m going to bed with grand intentions of waking up early tomorrow. (You know, early. When my alarm goes off.)  But tomorrow morning is my ABSOLUTE LAST CHANCE to figure out what my little one and I will be eating for dinner tomorrow and Thursday, and what I am going to eat for the remaining meals through Saturday, and, well, let’s just say that somehow I intend to do the entire binding of the quilt on Saturday night.

Those of you who actually quilt will be horrified at my plans for the binding, but I think I am going to end up just doing a topstitch around the binding instead of handstitching to get hidden stitches.  So maybe this one shouldn’t count as my first quilt.

If it ever gets finished.

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One Response to That hysterical laughing…

  1. Yondalla says:

    It’s your first quilt. Take pictures. Look at them when you are making your 10th quilt and it is not coming out quite the way you wish.

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