Quilt Number One: Done

Pictures are on my camera.  They are hiding, because to tell the truth, the quilt does not need more than a passing glance to notice many, many imperfections.

I know, I shouldn’t expect perfection from my first quilt.  It was a learning experience (Must. Find. Walking. Foot.) and I had to rush through it to finish in time to deliver it to my friend before she leaves on her travels dark and early tomorrow morning.

Still. It was a little bit rocky.

Tomorrow’s plan? To get back on the horse with a baby quilt for an as-of-yet-undecided baby girl recipient.  (If my friends would stop having baby boys, it would be easier to decide on a recipient.  In fact, mazal tov to LKG and AG; sorry I’m going to make something else before I decide on a present for the new one!) Plus work and some knitting.  It will be a busy, busy day.

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