…I will be one of those bloggers who posts consistently and intentionally.  Not like my current three posts in a day and then nothing for a week and a half pattern.  In the meantime, what you see is what you get!

Finally, after months of “trying,” I saw another fiber-crafter on the subway.  A woman sat down beside me and started asking about what I was knitting.  This happens on occasion, so I wasn’t too surprised, but then she pulled out her own yarn and confessed that she is a hooker and doesn’t like pointy sticks 🙂   We had a nice conversation until I almost missed my stop since it was so pleasant to have a companion on the metro!

I’m making great progress on the cardigan that I am making in order to use a cool orange button that I got from my mom’s button collection.  Of course I now have no idea where said button is hiding. I hope to find it before I finish the knitting, though while I’m not as fast as some of the famous knitters out there, I’m already done with the back and two fronts, and am about 16 rows into the sleeves (which I am knitting at the same time).  That is to say: I better get cleaning.

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