1. Here in DC, the Mayor’s office, offices of the members of the City Council, and the Council chambers are in the John A. Wilson Building, named after a former chair of the DC Council.  Prior to being named the Wilson Building, it was called simply the District Building.  Despite a wikipedia article on the building, I don’t have exact dates on the renaming, but I assume it was after Chairman Wilson died in the early 1990s.

In 1972, before DC had home rule, there was a hearing on some matter of community importance that is of absolutely no consequence now.  However, it was held in “the Wilson Building.”  I wonder what building that referred to.

2. Back in the 1970s, the Mayor/Mayor-Commissioner (both the same person, his title depended on whether it was pre- or post-Home Rule) was very generous about giving employees off on the day before or after Christmas (depending on the day of the week on which Christmas fell).  I know this because it was declared each year by Mayor’s Order.  (Our current Mayor? Not so much. These things happen.)

Also declared by Mayor’s Order? Days off when former Presidents passed away.  Which seems to have occurred ONLY during weeks when DC employees had another day off–Christmas or a presidential inauguration… Those were Truman and LBJ, specifically, but then–Ford passed away the day after Christmas, and Kennedy was assassinated shortly before Thanksgiving.  Jefferson and Adams died on the 4th of July. (Though I doubt that people were so into national holidays that early in our nation’s history.)  A curiosity…


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