Sleeves stink.

Okay, okay.  They don’t stink. And since I don’t wear tank tops, it’s not like I’m going to stop knitting things with sleeves.

But I spent what seemed like all day yesterday trying to finish a sweater and ending up with a grand total of Not. Done.

First I sewed the front shoulder to one side of the top of a sleeve.  Don’t ask how I managed to be so brilliant.  I even wove in the ends before I realized my brilliance.

Then (unrelated to the sleeves) it turned out that while I had taken with me to the yarn store most of my needle tips, I didn’t have an extra circular cable to attach said tips to.  The lovely owner let me borrow a set of needles to knit the collar, but I had to mope a bit before accepting the offer, as I thought it was just too generous.  And maybe not the best business plan.

[This serves as my public announcement that I am in possession of a very nice set of circular needles that are not my own and must be returned to the store. I plan to do so on Wednesday. Keep me accountable, folks.]

Yes, back to the sleeves.  Wow is it slow to sew sleeves in.  I spent many hours yesterday evening molding the sofa cushions to the shape of my bottom, but succeeded only in sewing in one sleeve and about an inch of underarm seam.  (And knitting a couple of inches on another project. I made myself stop that one when I came to the end of the ball of yarn.)

BUT! It is okay, because me and my over-ambitiousness are going to enjoy the New Late Tuesday Hours! at the yarn shop around the corner from my home tomorrow and we are going to get the sweater done.  Now that it’s getting cool enough that I can wear the skirt I knit last year, I need the sweater to go with it.

Will I be decked out in many many skeins of superwash merino on Wednesday? Only time will tell.

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