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Did I mention yesterday that my very very local yarn shop is now open late on Tuesdays?  Did I mention how very excited I am about this? Tonight’s plan is to plow through finishing my sweater. (I know, I know.  It’s not gonna happen.)

I have to finish the sweater, you see, because it’s too silly to be in the middle of two sweaters. (Plus all of the other projects.)  The second one? Green.  Merino-silk.  Garter stitch.  Love in my fingers.  I’m about 12 inches in to the back, at 14 inches I start the armhole shaping.

Thanks to my new friends at the yarn store (who all remembered my name on Thursday, even though I’d been only once and couldn’t remember any of their names, causing me no end of guilty feelings), I also know that I have 23 rows of yarn left for my socks.  (Why yes, I did wrap the remaining yarn around my leg 72 times last night.)  Now, I’m utterly incapable of counting rows while knitting on the metro, so I may just opt in favor of more rows of ribbing so I don’t accidentally end up with too few rows.

I love tights-wearing weather.  Rather, I love wearing tights.  I could live without the dead of winter, but days like today are good.  If only my skirts fit.


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