Today’s randomness

Learned today: It is possible that there are countries that not only do not exist anymore, but I’ve never heard their previous names.  I learned all of the countries in Africa in middle school in the 1989/1990.  Sometime between 1968 and 1989, the country formerly known as Dahomey changed its name to Benin.


Interesting name of the day: Mr. Dough Jones.


Long church name of the day (I get a kick out of church names that are so long there’s no hope of remembering the whole thing): Church of One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism. Ephs. 4:5.  It’s really the reference to the verse that makes the name.  (While I don’t share these beliefs, I actually think it’s a beautiful church name without the verse citation.)


President Nixon liked to give federal employees days off work–December 26 when it fell on Friday, the day of the moon landing, days of mourning for former presidents who passed away during his term(s).


Why would police regulations prohibit officers from being under the influence of alcohol while off duty? Is this still the case, or have standards changed in the last 42 years?

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