Inappropriate times for knitting conversations

This morning I had a medical test that involved a significant degree of unpleasantness and undressed-ness.  After the test was over, I was told to go back to the dressing room (picture a fitting room at a clothing store) and wait until the tech came back to tell me I could get dressed.

So I’m standing around not-so-patiently knitting (because there really was a lot of unpleasantness in the non-dressed-ness) until the tech comes back.  She (and the department manager, who was observing the proceedings with my permission) came back to tell me I could get dressed.  And she noticed my knitting.

She and the manager then both proceeded to talk to me about their attempts at learning to knit. And crochet. And how when the manager started teaching how to do scans, she learned again how to crochet.  While I’m half-dressed and miserable.

Note: there are inappropriate times for knitting conversations.

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One Response to Inappropriate times for knitting conversations

  1. eksith says:

    This does remind me of the terrible experience Hugh Grant had at the doctor. Part of the reason may be that they’ve detached themselves from patients enough for them to completely ignore your unease, but not far enough to be fascinated by some aspect of you.

    Skip to 4:50 for the doctor bit…

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