Drowning in yarnstuffs

I’ve cast on for the right front of a cardigan at least nine times now.  It’s a lace pattern that doesn’t look too complicated, but a couple of times I forgot to start with a knit stitch before the lace pattern, once I missed a yarnover on row four and then messed up tinking, once I tried ditching the lace pattern and doing something else (I made it about 15 rows in that time before realizing I hated it)… so I’ve given up and just cast on for the sleeves.  If nothing else I figured that the yarn would appreciate just being knit already.  I’ll torture another ball of it later.

I noticed a dropped stitch in the dress I’m knitting.  This morning I paid a quick call on Mr. Google and got directions to fix it (easy peasy) but last night I needed my computer for entertainment and couldn’t spare the two minutes that would let me fix the knitting and get on with my life.

I’m almost done with a pair of socks.  Just a few more rows of ribbing and then binding off, but I think I’m in a bit of a finish-funk.  So they are just sitting in my bag where I’m not even working on them during my commute.  (I did just finish playing every game of sudoku on my phone, so maybe I’ll be back to knitting tomorrow?)

My black cardigan is still waiting for me to just-fix-the-darn-button-already.  See “finish-funk.”

On Thursday I bought the yarn for another project.  I want to start it NOW but of course I have these other projects in process, and they are all for winter, so it’s not like I can set one aside for lack of seasonality.

I’m also sewing what I intend to be a combo purse-knitting bag, but can’t figure out what order to sew everything in. I spent some quality time last night with the seam ripper.

Now, if only I had someone to do my laundry for me…

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